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Corporate Law

Corporate law is an umbrella term that covers the numerous legal issues involved with business formation, administration, merger, acquisition, restructure, and dissolution for business entities of all types. There are many types of business entities–ranging from sole proprietorships and small partnerships, to limited liability companies and closely held corporations, to large publicly held corporations. Given the breadth of different types of business entities, the number of legal issues that can arise in this area of law is unlimited.

Corporate lawyers work in every type of law firm and company. As in other specialties, corporate lawyers may find themselves in smaller or boutique law firms and companies, or larger firms and multinational corporations. Due to the transactional nature of the practice, corporate lawyers are in high demand as in house counsel in every economic sector. In the public sector, opportunities may also exist in federal and state agencies.

Below you will find more information on three of the most common types of corporate law practice. The section on corporate lawyering will provide you with information on general corporate practice, while the sections on corporate formation and governance, as well as finance and securities, offer details on more specialized corporate work.

Corporate Formation and Governance

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Finance and Securities

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Corporate Lawyering

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