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Employer Type

Lawyers work for all types of employers. Some practice law in firms, others in non-profits or the government. These employers all pay differently. They all also value work-life balance differently.

Your employer will affect your day-to-day experience as a lawyer. Employers differ with respect to how they allocate work, how much responsibility each attorney has, and how frequently attorneys collaborate with their colleagues.

Long story short, where you work can shape your experience dramatically.

In this section, you will find a description of some of the main types of employers for lawyers. The courses and extracurriculars listed in these pages can help you determine for which type of employer you may want to practice. You will also find the names of faculty who have worked for these types of employers.

Although lawyers work for many types of employers, the main ones are:

Law Firm

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In-House Counsel and Corporations

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Public Interest Organizations

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