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Entertainment and Sports Law

Entertainment and sports are not only a large part of our leisure activities, but both are thriving areas of law practice–which allows some lawyers to combine their passion with their profession. Both entertainment law and sports law involve the array of legal doctrines that apply to entertainers, the entertainment industry, sports figures, teams, franchises, and other sports-related entities. The reach of entertainment and sports law, however, is so broad that it can even encompass construction issues, such as when a new performing arts venue or stadium is built.

In the private sector, entertainment and sports lawyers usually work for mid-sized to large law firms performing many of the same tasks that transactional lawyers do, such as drafting and negotiating contracts and deals, protecting intellectual property, and counseling clients as to regulatory compliance and risk. Other opportunities exist in house, with some entertainment or sports lawyers working for entertainment or media conglomerates, a sports franchise, or a players’ association. In the public sector, opportunities may exist in communication-related government agencies.

Because of the connection between the two fields, you will find a great deal of overlap between the recommended courses, co-curricular activities, and extracurricular activities for each. If you have an interest in one field, consider exploring the other as well.

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